Ava An is a visual artist currently based in New York and born and raised in South Korea. Ava grew up with manga and animation which led her to create her own world. Ava captures her thoughts and emotions of her experience through re-imagination. She merges her dreamy fantasy with pessimistic perspective, creating visual tension as well as internal dialogue between the painting and the audience. 

 Now, She moved back to Korea and runs the risograph studio.


2016-2018 M.F.A The School of Visual Arts, New York, NY

2010-2015 B.F.A The School of Visual Arts, New York, NY


2022 <별이 피다 Bloom>, Polestarart Gallery, Seoul

2022 <Constellation; 별무리>, Gallery Dos, Seoul

2021 <별의 부스러기>, Gallery KNOT, Seoul

2020 <Unnamed>, Pado, Seoul


2023 <두꺼비에 대한 단상>, Gallery Saem, Seoul, Korea

2023 <Small Wonders 2부>, Insa Gallery, Seoul,Korea 

2022 <꽃과 케이크> 2인전, Brave Sunshine Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2022 <테이스티 A 마켓>, Artspace Hue Gallery, Paju, Korea

2022 <균형잡기>, Schengen Art Gallery, Gwangju, Korea

2022 <Within the Static>, WOW x WOW Gallery, UK

2021 <Power In Numbers 6>, Nucleus Portland Gallery, Portland

2021 <SEEA 2021>, 예술의 전당 한가람 미술관, Korea

2020 <하늘과 바다>, 인사동 쌈짓길, Korea

2020 <Power In Numbers 5>, Nucleus Portland Gallery, Portland

2019 <Office Museum : Public Art>, Art Kyunggi Campaign, Korea

2018 <SALUT! Ill Show>, Nucleus Portland Gallery, Portland

2018 <American Gods>, Star Gallery, New York

2018 M.F.A Illustration as Visual Essay Thesis Show, New York

2018 M.F.A Illustration book show, New York

2017 <A Report to An Academy>, SVA M.F.A show, New York

2016 Society of Illustrators Student Competition, The Museum of American Illustration at SOI, New York    

2016 <One Place Around The World>, Brooklyn New York

2015 <Open Call> Lorimoto, Queens, New York

2015 <People choice show>, Greenpoint Gallery, New York

2015 <BFA Illustration/Cartooning Senior Open Studios>, New York

2015 <One>, Stage 48, New York

2014 <Art Story Festival>, Galleria Soonsoo, Seoul, Korea

2014 <Asyaaf>, Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul, Korea

2012 <Gyo-Gam>, Art Space H Gallery, Seoul, Korea


2021 아트팩토리 NJF, Paju, Korea


2022 PLAS 조형아트서울 JW 메리어트 호텔 서울 아트쇼


2016 "Norman Rockwell Museum Award", Society of Illustrators Student Competition Scholarship


2020 American Illustration (AI-AP) 40, Chosen

2019 3X3 Illustration Annual No. 16, Honorable Mention

2016 3X3 Illustration Annual No. 13, Honorable Mention

2016 2016 Society of Illustrators Student Competition

2014 Asyaaf 2014  


BOOK COVER "인어는 너를 보았다", 이지북 출판사

BOOK COVER "2019 The Best Mysteries", 코단샤분코 출판사

BOOK COVER "스노볼", 창비 출판사